Is Your Home or Office Lacking Interest?

Many homes and offices have no conversation pieces, making them bland and sterile. There’s nothing which connects a personal link,  provokes any feeling, or initiates conversation.

One way to stand-out and attract attention is through artwork. This is especially true with pieces which add texture and beauty such as mosaics. But not just any mosaic or artwork will do.

Make Sure It Tells Your Story

What do I mean? I just liked it, or the color matched my décor doesn’t tell a story and won’t start a discussion. Having a personal connection with the artwork allows you to talk about how it relates to you. This brings value and implies there’s more to you, your business, and the art.

Emotion Plays a Big Part

When you see a piece of art does it arouse a reaction? How do you feel?

Usually, the right piece of artwork makes you think it was created just for you. It will stir feelings of:

  • being connected
  • joy, sadness, hope, or another emotion
  • something in your past, or
  • a future desire.

All of these become part of your story and you can talk about the deeper meaning.

Picking Your Piece of Artwork

Really look at the piece of artwork and read the artist’s statement. What does it remind you of or mean to you? Do you want to touch it? Can you see it in your home or office? If there’s a connection:

  • Imagine the piece in your home or office, and the conversations it creates.
  • Does it bring out emotions and meaning for yourself? Do you love it?
  • Don’t wait too long to make that purchase because art is one-of-a-kind and may not be there tomorrow.
  • Read the various policies.
  • If you have concerns not covered in the FAQ, please contact me.

Congratulations on your purchase! You have gone the extra mile to find art which tells your story while improving your décor. 



5% of all sales goes to local no kill animal shelters.

Shipping Included

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