I have to admit that I am not a fan of drawing, painting, etc. and only did it when I had to for my artwork. This means that it took forever and wasn’t the most enjoyable process. What I didn’t realize is that I was drawing things that did not interest me. It was perfect for the glass work I wanted to do and I loved that part of it, but not the drawing. It was frustrating because I wanted to like drawing.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn

I discovered that cartooning is my interest and I’m very excited to learn how. I signed up for a bunch of Udemy courses when they went on sale and got most of my courses for $15.00 CAD. I also have many books on cartooning that have been collecting dust so together I am well on my way to learning.

Beginning to DrawI’ve given myself 5 years of study since I do have my other artwork that I still love doing. I am spending a great deal of time learning and practicing the basics because I believe having a strong foundation makes it easier to build on. Some of the things I am learning over the next year are:

  • Stick Men to Mannequins with proportions, weight distribution, poses, etc.
  • Perspective
  • Anatomy

Once I have these down then I will move forward to the next courses:

  • Faces, emotions, angles
  • Different styles to find my own style
  • Coloring
  • Painting

Writing Fiction

Another interest I have always wanted to do was writing fiction. Yep, I am going to write the next best seller, lol. Seriously, I am interested in getting away from a lifetime of business and technical writing so my posts are more interesting. I realize this is the biggest challenge since I have to remember things where drawing is repetition. I decided to make good reference notes since we all know that I have no short term memory. Still with all my disabilities I want to do this even if it takes a lifetime. Grammar and punctuation are my biggest challenge as I’ve never been able to remember any of the rules.

Join Me on My Journey

I do hope you join me on my journey as I share my progress and maybe you will be inspired to take some courses and come along with me. Check out Udemy and Creative Live as both have some very interesting courses.