Some Favorites on Facebook

Back to SchoolOn Facebook one of my favorite groups is Becoming Artist Strong. Carrie Brummer Hanna is the owner and very active in the group providing feedback, challenges, articles; and courses on her website Artist Strong. Her compassion for teaching art and wanting people to succeed is evident in everything she does. In the group people share their work and help each other – it is a real community of artists.

Another is I love Arts and Crafts hosted by Curious Mongo. People share their work in the group and help each other. Curious Mongo shares their TV show and also upcoming courses that can be viewed for free. Besides high value courses available for purchase at a reasonable price, Curious Mongo has the supplies necessary.

I follow a few other groups such as “Mosaic Art Creations”, “Polymer Clay Sculpting”, and “ClayConflab for Hand Builders” but more to stay up on what is happening in these areas.


I follow so many excellent artists that it is hard to pick out any one in particular, especially when my interests are varied. However, if you are interested in clay one of the best beginner to advanced teachers is The Clay Teacher. Cindy instructs children and adults providing simple to advanced projects and is worth watching. She is very patient, has clear instructions, and is encouraging. You can also follow her on Facebook at The Clay Teacher or Out of the Fire Studio to keep up on what is happening, purchase her clay wares, or contact her.

Other Sites

Udemy is one of my favorites because of the range of courses and pricing. Art, personal growth, business, programs, are just a few of the topics covered. There are some excellent courses but it can be a hit and miss. Just make sure to preview the course before purchasing it to get an idea of the instructor and how it is presented. This will help a lot in making a selection.

My Craftsy is dedicated to crafting (fabric arts, painting, jewelry, cooking, etc.) and have some excellent courses. They now have the option to purchase access to every course and is worth checking out.

CreativeLive is mostly business and photography, but they also have crafting and other classes. Just like Curious Mongo they have free previews of entire classes with special pricing if you buy the course at that time.


I know there are lots of excellent site for learning such as but at this time there are only so many hours in the day that I decided to finish all the courses I purchased before moving on. If you have a favorite place for courses make sure to share it under this post on the social media platform.