It’s too Small!

Bed too smallI had bought the largest bed I could find for my dog and it would have been great if he curled up when he slept but that isn’t how things turned out. Kuda likes to stretch out so only part of him fits. I felt sorry for him as I thought that has to be uncomfortable. I decided to make him a bed that would fit.





Making a Bed

As usual I spent some time planning out the steps in my head, and have to say things worked out quite well.

  • I cut the quilt backing the length of the fireplace and a little bit thinner so we could walk by. After the 1st piece I just laid it on the next and used it as a template to cut out more. I also did that with the fleece (used as I had a lot on hand) except I added a few inches for sewing on each side.
  • I tacked all the quilt backing to one piece of the fleece so that it would not bunch up when used. Then sewed the two fleece pieces together and turned it inside out so the quilt backing and wrong side of the fleece were inside. I then sewed up the one end to close it. Now I had the bed part and needed to make a cover for washing.
  • I laid out the fleece I would use for the cover and used the bed as a template to cut it, leaving a few extra inches for sewing on each side.
  • Matching the two wrong sides together, I sewed them together except for the one side where I was putting in a zipper.
  • After the zipper was installed I put the bed into the cover and viola, I had a new bed for Kuda.

Kuda’s New Bed

I am so glad he loves it, but he isn’t the only one. At first Kuda just laid on the rug and kept looking at her; but I told him there was enough room for him to go onto his bed as well and if she doesn’t like it she will leave. He got up, got his bone and laid on the bed. She was fine with him there until he started chewing his bone, lol.

It fits!

Kuda’s New Bed Fits

Serina stole his bed

Serina Stole His Bed

He got it back

Yay, He Got It Back and He Is Happy