I really started doing mosaic pieces like these in 2012 as part of my art therapy even though I dabbled a little since 2008. They certainly have come a long way since I first viewed mosaics in 1978. There are so many materials to use, dimensional pieces, and lots of creative techniques. I have done other pieces that are not shown here. You can view these pieces, works in progress, and other art on my Facebook Page.

Drawing Down the Moon

Inspired by the first full moon on winter’s solstice that I have witnessed. It is done in stained glass with swarovski crystals wrapping around her.

A ritual in many wiccan traditions where the high priestess enters a trace requesting the Goddess or Triple Goddess enter her body and speak through her. 

In classical times, ancient Thessalian witches believed to control the moon so they could withhold the day, embark on the sea without a ship, or fly through the air as they were free from their weight.

Created: 2018

Finished Size: 11″ x 13″


Mother Dragon

The four corner medallions represent fire, water, air, and earth. The eggs illustrate that the mother dragon of all is creating a fire, water, and air dragon. I am hoping that next time she will also give birth to an earth baby so the planet earth is created. The nest and eggs are dimensional and mother dragon sits high on the mountain of life behind the life giving sun.

Created: 2018
Finished Size: 32″ x 32″

Alberta Bound

This is a redo of the very first piece I did. It is larger, but I also got a better understanding of the glass, using grout lines and color to enhance the image, and I had better equipment to work with.

Alberta is one of the most diversified and scenic places with its badlands, mountains, prairie, wetlands, and foothills. 

Riding through the badlands reveals your primal nature with its wind-sculpted hoodoos and canyons. An experience enhanced with the freedom of a bike.

Created: 2017
Finished Size: 20″ x 18″


I did this one at the same time I did Frankie because there is a lot of waiting for pieces to dry before being able to turn the piece and continue. I enjoyed doing dimensional work and will no doubt do more in the future.

Dracula is a gothic character created by Bram Stoker. Immortal and cunning, yet vulnerable to garlic, the cross, holy water, sunlight, and sharpened pieces of wood.

Created: 2016
Finished Size: 10″ high, base 9″


I had bought this styrofoam head a few years back… no idea why. Anyway, I decided to try my hand at 3-D mosaics. These are about 10 times harder and take a lot longer than traditional mosaics. That being said, it is a fun challenge.

Frankenstein was created by Mary Shelley. Fear and hatred for how someone looks is deeply imbedded in the story.

Created: 2016
Finished Size: 10″ high, base 9″

Celtic Table

After the glass in my table shattered I decided to create a mosaic piece to replace it. The design I created had ties back to my ancestors and it was a celebration of their lives, beliefs, and gods. I did it in two sections because it would have been too heavy for one person to carry.

Created: 2010
Finished Size:

First Mosaic

I really pondered whether I would show my first piece as it is a major failure. I thought it might be fun to see my progress and hopefully encourage others to continue.

Created: 2008
Finished Size: