One of the courses I signed up for has me creating doodles from a mark or emotion. It is really different and a lot of fun because the focus isn’t on doing art, but generating ideas and improving creativity.


Inspire & generate new creative ideas and improve your creative thinking with 50 easy to follow drawing & doodle exercises can be found at Udemy. It is created by Tatiana Ambrose.Letter R

In this course, she walks you through different simple but fast doodle and drawing exercises where you will be in charge of transforming each exercise into something more than¬†useless scribbles, lines, shapes, etc. For example, she had me pick a letter that I liked then turn it into something so people could not recognize what it is. I chose the letter “R” and turned it into a lion and tree. That is the just of this course, taking something and making it unrecognizable.

Does It Work?

I have noticed that I do look at things a lot differently and I imagine that is definitely a key to creation.