If my style appeals to you and you are interested in having a commission piece done then please email me with the request for a commission piece done in mosaic or micro mosaic. In order to determine the price I will need a picture and the size wanted. An average piece for a mosaic is about $196.00 per square foot while the micro mosaic is about $39.00 per square inch. From there it will depend on the cutting methods, size of glass pieces, style of glass, shipping, framing, etc. 

Micro Mosaics

You can learn more about it at Beginnings and Tips & Tricks.

Crushing the Glass

Sometimes I use a blender to crush the glass as it is faster, but there is a lot more waste and dust. It is also expensive because the glass and blades constantly need replacing.

Working Crushed Stained Glass

Many times I just use a picture to work from and make decisions or changes on content and color as I go. Sometimes I will draw an image as I go.  

I will also add other material such as crystals, gems, polymer clay, and ceramics.