Elephants Micro Mosaic


The micro mosaic mother elephant gave birth to the future as should you in your life.

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It is said cloud reading is powerful with elephants as they have been linked together. Smells through incense and fragrant oils will enable you to shift your consciousness. Because the sexual drive is strongly connected to smell it is a powerful aphrodisiac. Elephants embody strength and power and symbols of the mist that separates the formed worlds from the unformed. Because the tusks are used as weapons and tools it gives the elephant links to the world above and below.  Family and societal ideals are important and should be established in your own life. Elephants are seen as having great sexual power.

Created with crushed stained glass placed one-by-one on a glass base. Resin covers the artwork for easier cleanup. The colors may vary slightly depending on your screen. Size and weight are approximate. Framed

Size: 16” x 13” (40.6 cm x 33 cm)

Weight: ¾ lb (.34 kg)