Micro Mosaic Sarah


Sarah is an expression of your generosity and servitude to those less fortunate. As a healer you are reminded to represent the mind, heart, and soul along with the physical.

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This beautiful piece of work will stand out promoting conversation and desire.

Upon Sarah’s arrival to the forest everything seemed to come alive. It was almost magical as the animals returned, and the plants seemed to blossom overnight. Sarah was a healer who tended to the forest and everything in it but she also helped the nearby village.

Crystals used are Bloodstone, Argonite Sputnik, Carnelian, and Tourmaline Quartz

  • Bloodstone – Considered an excellent blood cleanser and powerful healer believed to have mystical and magical properties controlling the weather and conferring the ability to banish negativity. It heightens the intuition and increases creativity. An excellent grounding and protection stone.
  • Argonite Sputnik – Represents earth healer and grounding stone attuned to the earth goddess. It encourages conservation and recycling, and useful for stress. Teaches patience and acceptance.
  • Carnelian – It is said to anchor in present reality. Warms and energizes, including other stones. Combats sluggishness and invigorates mind and body. Removes fear of death.
  • Tourmaline Quartz – Thought to be an effective grounding stone, it strengthens the body’s energy field against external invasion. It detects detrimental environmental influences. It turns negative thoughts into positive ones.

Created with crushed stained glass and crushed crystals placed one-by-one on Kerdi Board. Resin covers the artwork for easier cleanup. The colors may vary slightly depending on your screen. Size and weight are approximate. Framed

Size: 15” x 12” (38.1 cm x 30.5 cm)

Weight: ¾ lb (.34 kg)