Playing Around

Rake ManIn the past I did a little bit of sculpting in clay, such as my rake man yard art; and polymer clay. I thought I had potential but not the resources to learn. I have found some really good sculpting classes at Curious Mondo and have been watching them. I haven’t followed along yet and created anything, but that will come after I feel a little more comfortable creating 2D artwork and when I can afford to get the courses.

2D artwork is simpler and it allows me to get comfortable with the material. I think it won’t be so overwhelming or intimidating to learn 3D.

Getting Serious

After doing some 2D pieces, such as the wolf, I am a lot more serious about sculpting and I’m really glad I am also learning to draw. Drawing will definitely improve my sculptures especially since I am learning about anatomy. 

Besides polymer clay and clay sculpting I am very interested in sculpting with Paverpol. It uses a wire base and styrofoam to create the form, then natural fabrics dipped in Paverpol. When dry it hardens and becomes outdoor garden art. The possibilities are endless, especially when combined with other sculpting methods. You can also find a course on Curious Mondo using this method.

Definitely Too Much Fun

I have to admit that I am having too much fun learning even when I struggle retaining the information. As mentioned before it is easier for me to keep reference notes and practice then dry and remember things. If you suffer from memory loss and have difficulties learning, then artwork could be an option for you.