My Unexpected Journey

Inspired to create a garden theme for the side of my house I decided on “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien. I love fantasy and since I also played Lord of the Rings Online game, I thought it fitting to have my own artistic representation. Once I started creating it I realized how similar my own life is to Bilbo Baggins in relation to my personal challenges.

The Shire

Bilbo Baggins reminded me of myself in many ways. I too did not want to leave my home or associate with anyone, except my desire was due to mental and physical illnesses.

I first made a wire form and covered it with cement since I was burying it in the ground and needed to have a secure area for the lighting. It was then covered with polymer clay and a few parts painted. Moss grows on the top each year.

Gollums Waterfall

I love waterfalls and fire, but how could I have a garden without Gollum at the waterfall catching fishies.

My dog Kuda and I went on an adventure collecting rocks that the farmers place by the side of the road. I created the waterfall with cement and rocks, then added a stain. The top of the waterfall is a planter and I also put gems and minerals so the dwarfs can mine it.

The Lonely Mountain (Front)

I love playing dwarfs in the LOTRO game so definitely needed to display their home.

The mountain was built with cement and rocks, then gemstones added for mining. Creating the three statues was done in polymer clay and a bit of a challenge since they had to be similar. I also made the entrance out of polymer clay. I used resin for the water and under the moat surrounding the mountain I placed lights. The bridge was made from a wire frame and cement, then tiles layed down.

The Lonely Mountain (Back)

The secret entrance from The Lord of the Rings series, the third statue, and the stairway up were definitely part of the plan.

Both the statue and stairway were made from polymer clay. The scale is a bit small, but when there is only so much garden space adjustments need to be made. I decided it looked small because it is further away… that is my story and I am sticking to it.

The Prancing Pony

I don’t think you can represent Bree without the Prancing Pony. The best part is stopping in for beer now and then.

I used styrofoam to create the building, covered with Hot Wire Foam Coat, stained with cement stains and sealed. There are lights inside and the sign was made from polymer clay.

Blacksmith Shop and House

The next building finished in Bree is the blacksmith’s house and shop. For the shop I created a fire pit, anvil, and water tub out of clay. The metal sign reads Blacksmith shop and nearby is a water well.


I have been working on Rivendell for around a year and happy to see it finally finished. It still needs accessories and characters, but those will be added over the years as a hobby. I did do stained glass mosaics on the walkway to Elron’s house and also inside the circular meeting room. As with all the buildings it lights up at night.